Which Stream You should Choose After 10th?

By | February 1, 2023

Which Stream You should Choose After 10th: Board Examinations for 10th Class are over now and this is the time to take the most important decision in the life of a student. The decision is about the choice of Stream for 11th Class. This crucial decision will mark the beginning of the prospective future of the students. Therefore utmost guidance should be offered to the students to help them to choose the suitable stream but not to force them. 

As the 10th Exam Result is declared by the Boards, the first question which pops up in the mind of every student is “Which Stream should I Choose After 10th Class?” Everybody including family and elders become eager to know your answer. What makes the situation worse is that you don’t have any idea about different streams their vital aspects. Choosing a stream is a matter of great importance for the students 

Which Stream You should Choose After 10th ?

At this point, let us have an extensive discussion about the streams which you can choose from:


Science is the most explored stream by the student. Every year a tremendous number of students choose the Science stream to continue their further studies. The stream offers a number of career opportunities for the students which can be highly lucrative.  

Subjects Included – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Informative Practices (IP) English, Physical Education etc.

Career Options – Engineering, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Aeronautics, Defence, Architecture and many more. 

Why Choose Science after 10th?

Science is a stream majorly related to Scientific Experiments and Mathematical Problems. If you have a keen interest in a technical job involving more of calculations, derivations and reactions, then you can look into the stream to build a glorious future. 


Commerce comes at 2nd position in terms of popularity amongst the students of 10th Class. The stream opens the doors to many creative fields with mainly focus on business and entrepreneurship. Similar to Science, the students in Commerce get eminently paid if affiliated to a high ranking institute. 

Subjects Included – Accountancy, Economics, Business Studies, English, Mathematics, Entrepreneurship, IP etc. 

Career Options – Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Finance, Banking, Insurance, Economics and much more.

Why Choose Commerce after 10th?

Commerce pose wide career opportunities to the students affiliated to it. The stream is also capable of teaching you the tacts of the business and you can fulfil your dreams of being a business tycoon. Commerce has a wide offering related to trading and commerce with an in-depth study of finance and statistics.  


Arts receives the last spot as the most popular streams for the students of Class 10th. A respectable number of students choose the stream for their higher studies. The stream requires more of learning and less practising. Most of the subjects are theory based and are related to more to the history and demographics of the county. If you are ready to contribute much of your time in memorizing the subjects then your payment could be staggering.

Subjects Included – History, Geography, Political Science, English, Physical Education, Graphic designing, Fashion Designing etc.

Career Options – Administrative Services, Law, Teaching, Mass Communication, Photography, Animation and much more.

Why Choose Arts after 10th?

Undeniably, the stream of Arts involves a lot of memorizing the theory of various subjects. You may feel boring sometimes but believe it or not, the stream offers the most artistic job opportunities to the students affiliated to it. Seek interest in any of the career opportunities related to Arts stream and live a life of a rock star.

Self Actualisation

The first step in choosing the right stream after 10th must be self actualisation. It is very necessary to identify your skills, passion and interest before making the choice of stream. Your likings play a vital role in the choices you make in your life. 

To make it simpler, ask these question to yourself

  1. What do I want to become in Future?
  2. Which Field do I like the most?
  3. What are my Interests?
  4. What are my Strengths and Weaknesses?  

If you answer all of these questions correctly while being true to yourself, the choice of your stream will become easier for you. You will be clear in your mind regarding your future goals and the path you need to follow to achieve them.   

Unclear Mind

If you are still unable to make any clear choice then this section is certainly for you. Many times the situation arises for the students when they do not have a clear picture regarding their future and career choices. For those students who are still posing difficulties in selecting a suitable stream, here is what you can do.

Clear Doubts with Teachers

Your teachers are your source of expert guidance which you can utilize anytime. Your teachers can help you regarding your stream choices and clear your doubts. They can suggest you the right stream for you as they are the ones who know you, your capabilities and weaknesses. 

Discuss with Parents/Elders

Your parents and elders can surely assist you with personal guidance regarding your stream choices. Although the discussion will be more extensive with teachers, your parents can certainly guide you through your tough times.

Sort Out with Career Counsellors

If nothing can help you, a Career Counsellor can surely do. It is the job of the person to provide expert guidance for the students so that they make the best choice. The counsellor will thoroughly detail you about various aspects of the Which Stream You should Choose After 10th and their career options.   

Choosing a stream after 10th Board Exam is not an easy decision to make. Take your time in exploring the subjects & career opportunities and make a right choice for your future at notificationresult.com.

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