SSC CHSL Reasoning Preparation Tips and Syllabus

By | March 24, 2023

SSC is one of the renowned exam conducting bodies in India. The SSC CHSL or SSC Combined High School Level Exam was recently carried out in the month of February. And according to students who appeared for the examination, the Exam Pattern of SSC CHSL 2022-23 differed this time from the previous year papers. Now the question paper consists of 25 questions and about 50 marks per section. This will surely bring a significant change in all the sections of the exam like Reasoning & General Intelligence for SSC CHSL 2022-23, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, etc. A significant effect will be noticed in Reasoning Section of SSC CHSL Exam Paper as it tends to be the most time consuming and complex part of the question paper. So here we will try to notify you about all the information relevant to SSC CHSL 2022-23 Exam So now let us have a look at the Preparation Tips For Reasoning of SSC CHSL 2022-23.

Preparation Tips for SSC CHSL 2022-23 Reasoning Ability

  • Plan a Strict Schedule: The first and the foremost step is to make a proper plan about how to carry this whole preparation session. Sets targets for yourself like you have to complete these four topics in one week, etc. Save your time by accommodating a properly planned schedule.
  • Topic Wise Preparation: Try practicing each and every section thoroughly. Just go through all the questions mentioned and asked from a single topic and prepare wisely by going through all the problems described in that topic. Make a tick list and start marking the topics which you’ve completed and the topics which are yet to complete.
  • Take Mock Test: Take as many mock tests as possible. Just try figuring out all your mistakes and errors you’re making while solving the question paper. It will also help you know your level as well the sides in which you’re active enough. Also, practice Previous Year Papers of SSC CHSL to bring a command over the pattern and get used to of the questions asked from this section.
  • Assess Your Performance Regularly: Whenever you take any test or practice and mock test paper, just try to analyze your standard errors which you make and the difficulty you’re experiencing in that section. Make a note of all the questions you skipped while giving the exam along with all the wrong answers you attempted. Practice the ones you though are too difficult, focus more on that kind of topics.

SSC CHSL Reasoning Syllabus

This section comprises of 25 questions and to score good marks, and we have to focus on all the topics mentioned in this chapter. To outshine in this examination, we need to have a proper planning or schedule to manage all our issues in the meantime. Let us have a look at the SSC CHSL 2022-23 Exam Pattern given below.

SectionNo. of QuestionsNo. of Marks
Reasoning or General Intelligence2550
Quantitative Aptitude2550
English Language2550
General Awareness2550
Exam Duration75 minutes
Maximum Marks200 marks

Now let us go through all the topics involved in Reasoning Part of SSC CHSL. This section comprises of questions from a whole lot of subjects. The question difficulty level ranges from easy to moderate. These are the core or important issues which have to be prepared to crack this examination. It includes topics which are mentioned below.

  • Symbolic/Number Analogy
  • Semantic Analogy
  • Figural Analogy
  • Symbolic/ Number Classification
  • Semantic Classification
  • Figural Series
  • Semantic Series
  • Number Series
  • Word Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Numerical Operations
  • Coding & Decoding
  • Trends
  • Symbolic Operations
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Space Orientation
  • Folding and Unfolding of Patterns
  • Drawing Inferences
  • Figural Pattern-Folding & Completion
  • Critical Thinking
  • Embedded Figures
  • Social Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence

This SSC CHSL Exam is conducted to test the knowledge of the candidates about all the new happenings around him. The Reasoning Part in SSC CHSL Exam 2022-23 is involved in the exam pattern to check General and Logical Mental Abilities. The prime focus of this section is to bring out candidate’s systematic, rational and best competence level. To excel in this section, the candidate has to put in all his efforts as this section requires a lot of practice. We would advise you to complete this section first and then move to others. Now let us have a quick glance at the Trending Questions from various topics and the number of questions asked from that question and expected to be asked.

TopicSummary        No. of Questions Asked
ClassificationChoose the Vocab/ Gk based Odd word/Choose the Odd Number/Choose the Odd one out on the basis of arrangement0904
AnalogyCompletion of Analogous Pair based on based on Alphabet or Number Analogy0904
SeriesComplete the Alphabet/ Word Series, Numeric Series Completion0603
Image ReasoningGeometrical Figures, Cubes & Dices, Series of Figures, Individual Figures0903
SequencesAlphabet Sequences, Number Sequences, Logical Sequences, Rankings & Time Sequences0502
Coding & DecodingMessage Coding, Rule Coding, Direct Letter/Symbol Coding, Substitution0302
Blood Relations, Directions & DistanceDirection and Distance Sense, Problems based on Family Members0302
Basic Mathematical Problems and Mathematical OperationsProblems based on Ages and Proportion, Choosing of Correct Operators0302
PuzzlesMatrix Based Reasoning0101
SyllogismsSyllogisms using 2 or 3 statements0202
Total No. of Questions Asked5025

So these were the topics involved in Reasoning of SSC CHSL 2022-23 Exam. We know that every review requires proper planning, preparation, and practice to reach the ultimate goal of success. And to achieve these are three key points which you need to keep in mind.

  • Distribution of Time– Try to give only 45 seconds to each question, as there are total 100 questions which have to be solved in 75 minutes
  • Prime Goal– To attempt at least 15 questions correctly in this section, to at least have a surety of 15 questions being correct.
  • Try a number of Questions– To score well in the examinations, you need to attempt at least 20 to 23 questions with almost 19-20 right with 905 accuracies, here you can also aim for 100% accuracy, but that is relatively rare.

Reasoning Ability for SSC CHSL 2022-23

The reasoning is easy for ones who are proficient enough in tricks and challenging for those who lack practice and command on tricks. So here we tried our best to endow you with all the necessary key points about How to Prepare for Reasoning of SSC CHSL 2022-23. We have also listed Reasoning Syllabus and Exam Pattern of CHSL 2022-23. Hope this helps you and acts as Useful Preparation Tips for SSC CHSL 2022-23.  

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