SSC CGL 2022 English Preparation Tips and Syllabus

By | March 14, 2023

Staff Selection Commission is the board which keeps on releasing various Exam Notification. They are the authority for enrolling the Date and Day of Examination, Syllabus and Exam Pattern, etc. English is one of the subjects involved in the Exam Pattern of SSC CGL 2022. English can be the most difficult issue for ones who are not proficient enough and easiest one for all those who have command over English grammar. Therefore, here we will analyze all the aspects included in English and will also provide some Tips to Crack English For SSC CGL 2022.

SSC CGL 2022 English Preparation Tips and Syllabus

Some important Preparation Tips to Crack English of SSC CGL 2022 are mentioned here. So have a look at the key points mentioned here.

  • To excel in any examination, you have to be aware of the exam pattern and syllabus of this review.
  • Try to brush up your Vocabulary Part, by learning new words. It involves several topics like Antonyms, Synonyms, One Word Substitution, etc.
  • Newspaper reading is the most prominent part of English as it enhances vocabulary of the candidate. So try to make it your habit.
  • Keep a command over topics involved in subject and practice it daily
  • Solve Previous Year Papers and Practice Mock Test to be totally aware of the structure and pattern of the question paper.

English Syllabus For SSC CGL 2022

This section is primarily dedicated to testing the knowledge of candidate i.e., the Usage of Correct Grammar. It includes questions from various topics like Fill in the Blanks, Jumbled Sentences, Idioms & Phrases, Synonyms, Antonyms, One Word Substitution, Spelling/Word Detection, Sentence Improvement, Common Errors, Cloze Test, Comprehension, etc. These topics are distributed under three sections which are mentioned below.

  • Grammar

Spotting Common Errors

Sentence Improvement



Fill in the Blanks

  • Reading Skills

Cloze Test

Sentence Completion

Sequence of Sentence

Comprehension Passage

  • Vocabulary



One Word Substitution

Spelling Rules

Idioms & Phrases

Here we will notify you with the main points necessary to conquer every section involved in English. Along with this we also provide you the number of questions expected to be asked from each section.

Spotting Errors: This article primarily focuses on finding the grammatical mistakes in the sentences. Follow these tips to get full marks in these type of questions.

  • Carefully go through the sentences.
  • Check the Subject Verb Agreement, also practice it to solve this kind of questions
  • Go with the first thought which strikes your mind, don’t get confused

Fill in the Blanks: This section is dedicated to target or find a suitable word to fill in. It constitutes questions which have only blanks. Follow these steps to score good marks in this topic.

  • Read the statement carefully and choose the most appropriate one.
  • Imply Elimination method, by checking by placing every word in the blank.
  • At last, check whether the sentence is sounding correct or not.

Synonyms & Antonyms: To excel in this section try to memorize all the typical and complex word you heard or used in your surroundings to enhance your vocabulary. To crack this section, you need to follow these points.

  • Learn and write down all the new words which come across
  • Read Leading Newspapers, Magazines to widen your level of Vocab.
  • Also, go through all the Antonyms and Synonyms used in Previous Year Papers.

One Word Substitution: The only trick which can b helpful here is to go through all the previous year questions based on this topic. As these issues have high chances of repetition.

Spelling Mistakes and Sentence Correction: Go through all the rules and regulations involved in spelling formation, this is a very scoring section. Try to look for the best alternative.

Cloze Test: This comprises of blanks in a passage, and we have to complete the reading by filling up the blanks. The only tip which can be given for this section is to read the passage very carefully as the whole journey is interlinked and if you read it carefully, you’ll figure out the right or appropriate words to be filled.

Comprehension: First of all try to figure out the motto or the aim on which the passage is focussed. And another tip would be to read the asked questions first and then read the passage, this will help you in finding immediate answers.

Now have a look at the number of questions asked from each topic included in English.

TopicNumber of Questions Asked
Fill in The Blanks0-5
Common Errors0-5
Reading Comprehension05
Spelling Errors2-3
Idioms/ One Word Substitution2-3
Sentence Correction0-5

SSC CGL 2022 English Syllabus

English Language in SSC CGL 2022 is the basic and elementary type of English. But it can be an advantage as well as disadvantage so to crack it try to practice more and more question papers and enhance your vocab. We tried our best to endow you with all the necessary Tips To Crack English of SSC CGL 2022 and Syllabus of English. For further more information stay tuned with us, till then Good Luck For the Exam.

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