How To Score Full Marks in CBSE 10th Board Exams

By | November 16, 2022

How To Score Full Marks in CBSE 10th Board Exams: The Secondary Class or 10th is a substantial step in a student’s life. It acts as the first in the page in the academic portfolio of the student. Therefore, obtaining good marks in the 10th board exams become mandatory. The students appearing in the 10th Class tend to get nervous when the date of board exams arrives. The lack of a proper study plan and hefty course make it tougher for them to prepare for the exams. So we are sharing below that How To Score Full Marks in CBSE 10th Board Exams.

To ease out their nervousness and calm the senses of the students, we have gathered some of the best preparation tips for CBSE 10th Class. These general tips will surely help the students to manage their study plan and prepare for their exams. 

  1. Start Your Preparation Early 
  2. Prep a Study Plan
  3. Work on Your Weak Points
  4. Revise Everything Before you Sleep
  5. Solve Sample Papers
  6. Do Not Overeat
  7. Get Appropriate Sleep
  8. Have Confidence in Yourself  
  9. Do Not Stress

Following these general preparation tips will ease your study plan and will provide you with ample time for revision. However, every student has his own weak points and difficulties. Therefore, we have managed to provide subject wise tips and strategies to benefit every student. These subject wise preparation tips will guide you to score full marks in CBSE 10th Board Exams. 

CBSE Board 10th Exam 2018 Tips & Strategies for Science 

Science is one of the vital subjects for a student of 10th Class. The subject is divided into 3 parts – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These tips can surely come handy for your preparation.


  • Practice the Numericals and derivations
  • Note down the formula and equations chapter wise
  • Revise the formulas thoroughly


  • Give special attention to diagrams
  • Learn the body parts and their functions
  • Get through with important definitions


  • Compile all the important reactions together
  • Pay attention in the labs
  • Pay emphasis on the derivations

CBSE 10th Exam 2018 Preparation Tips for Mathematics

Considered as the ‘most difficult subject’ for the students, by the students, it involves a number of formula practice. You can prepare for it with utmost concentration to score high. 

  • Make a compilation of all the formula at one place
  • Try different writers to have a better understanding
  • Learn the basics first
  • Try to practice NCERT questions first.
  • Sample Papers will help you to increase your speed
  • Practice the previous question papers
  • Check the time taken while solving a question

CBSE 10th Class Exam 2018 Tips and Tricks for English

Although very important, this subject generally ignored by the students and ultimately deteriorate your marks. Therefore it becomes highly important for you to lay emphasis on the subject of English to score full marks in the examination.

  • Read as much as possible
  • Go through various English Newspapers
  • Write a passage daily on new topics
  • Learn the formats in the Writing segment 
  • Practice the Grammar part through Model Papers
  • Develop a writing style 

Preparation Strategies for Hindi

Most of the students do not prepare for Hindi exam. Their careless attitude towards one of the most important subjects for a 10th class student leads to lower grades. It is a compulsory subject and you can easily score more than 90 marks if study properly. Go through the tips to prepare for 10th Hindi examination. 

  • Practice Grammar thoroughly
  • Pay attention to the Punctuation Marks 
  • Take help from the ‘Key’ to answer Literature
  • Prepare from NCERT book
  • Read all the Chapters for better understanding  

Preparation Tips & Tricks for Social Science

Social Science is considered as the most boring subject in the 10th class as it is completely based on theory. The subject may seem dull but making the preparation exciting can help you to achieve full marks in the examination. Social Science is divided into 3 parts – History, Geography and Political Science.


  • Memorize the Important Dates and Names 
  • Compile them at one place
  • Have a thorough understanding of the subject  
  • Make note of important topics in the least words 
  • Try to abbreviate things for your convenience    


  • Learn the Terminology
  • Practice the Indian Map
  • Study the Atlas for better understanding
  • Learn the basics of Latitude and Longitude
  • Internet might be helpful

Political Science

  • Read Newspaper daily
  • Watch news channels for enhanced study
  • Compile the Names and their Positions at one place
  • Use FlashCards for memorizing easily
  • Learn the topics through NCERT Book

Extensive Study Plan

The lack of interest in various subjects makes it difficult for the students to prepare for the examinations. Therefore the students must build an extensive study plan which covers all the topics. The study plan will help you to manage your time efficiently and working on your weaker points. 

How To Score Full Marks in CBSE 10th Board Exams

No matter how well you can perform in a particular subject, without practising the chances of succeeding diminish. Especially in Science and Mathematics, this tip sits perfectly. Practising various questions of all the subjects regularly will help you to memorize them and offer you with thorough understanding. You will get to know that how things go.  

As the exams get closer, the students get nervous and anxious. The stress restrains them to study efficiently for their examination. These subject wise tips and strategies will help the students to prepare for the exams in a systematic way. Follow these preparation tips and you can certainly score full marks in CBSE 10th Board Exams.     

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